Monday, March 30, 2009

The Troubles in Detroit

Now the White House is deciding who runs our companies. I suppose this is inevitable, given the penchant for this administration to tell everyone how to mind their business. Look for further intrusions into the free market. George Orwell was only a couple of decades off.

The problem with the government deciding who makes what cars, when and how, is that it gives the U.S. automakers the perfect excuse for poor performance. After all, if the White House's directive for certain strategies do not yield results, then the managers cannot be blamed. For example, why would anyone imagine that combining two failed companies(Fiat and Chrysler), both on life support from their governments, could produce a successful one?

Market competition and the consequences of failure no longer exist. Responsibility is a dirty word. Success is punished by subsidies to the losers. Everyone, it appears, is now a victim.

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