Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trial Lawyers and Healthcare

This well written article in the Wall Street Journal cites the costs of not reforming medical malpractice. No one can honestly defend the system of tort that currently exists, in which about half of all awards go to the lawyers. Imagine if half the proceeds from the sale of your home is handed over to your real estate agent!

If the trial lawyers are truly honest in their desire to 'protect the weak', they should readily accept a schedule of fees for services rended - just like the hospitals and doctors have to accept Medicaid and Medicare's schedules.

Reform should disallow contingent payments and outlaw class actions (as in many countries). Each case should be tried on its merits, which will bring honesty back to the profession and eliminate the costly practice of defensive medicine. Unfortunately, the Democrats, in the driver's seat on healthcare reform, are in the pockets of the trial lawyers. Even one of their own - John Edwards - made his fortune 'chasing the ambulance'.

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