Thursday, June 17, 2010

President Obama's Address

The recent speech President Obama gave was a tour-de-force of the government's agenda for righting the listing ship that is the U.S. economy. 

Read carefully and its obvious that the agenda pits government against private interests. 

Europe has demonstrated the economic costs of a large government, relative to the productive capacity of its economy.  It has also shown how the social philosophy of 'business bad, government good' leads to complacency among individuals and arrogant lawmakers.

The strength of the U.S. political economy lies in the ability for individuals to take personal responsibility for their economic wellbeing. It stems from the willingness to take risks to reap the benefits.  This is not simply a belief but an experience of everyday life in America. 

The continual willingness of this government to paint private interests with nefarious intentions and the rejection of any attempt at partnership flies against economic history and against common sense. Unless I am wrong, private enterprise still creates the jobs and employs the voters that the White House seems eager to please in November.

The largest employers and globally most competitive companies - Microsoft, Walmart, General Electric, Google, Goldman Sachs... - started in the proverbial garage. I wonder how many garage start ups are now stillborn because of the speech?

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