Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Future of Europe is not more control but less

In a wide ranging and insightful opinion in the Wall Street Journal, the always lucid Henry Kissinger makes the point that the EU is first and foremost an idea. It's an inspiring vision expressed as an economic and political union, critically marred by structural weaknesses and political incompetence among member states.

The correct response to Brexit is for EU members to rethink the degree of legislative overhead that Brussels has imposed. Not throw temper tantrums. Many of these rules are needlessly overwhelming and incomprehensible, especially in a technologically connected globalized world.

Brussels and its satellites in members' capitals should begin to undertake a serious effort to unravel the crippling rules that cause so much pain in the lives of ordinary EU citizens. The point of integration is to unleash creativity, remove the barriers to trade, and create economic welfare for all. Let Brexit be the start of such a process.

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